2014 Eastern meets Western Easter Celebration

Every few years, “Western” (Catholic and Protestant) Easter and “Eastern” Orthodox Easter coincide, this year we’ll both celebrate on April 20th., 2014.

With mom’s departure back to Romania I will at least feel some continuous closeness through this Easter celebration knowing we are both celebrating at the same time even though we are thousand of miles apart.

‘The Easter is the most important celebration of the Romanian people and it is preceded by numerous preparations and rituals.

It’s a must for the people to have a clean house and have all the ritual foods ready. This is why the cleaning starts on Great Thursday. Men, who are usually working in the field or at the forest, will remain home starting with this day and will take out the thrash, fix the fence, cut wood, bring water, butcher the lambs.’ Source http://www.roconsulboston.com/Pages/InfoPages/Culture/EasterTraditions.html

Wow, I will have to get my husband to get right on it!!!

‘Women are the ones that paint and decorate the eggs, do the laundry and generally clean the house.

Because it’s a good thing to have a new piece of clothing on the Easter, girls and young wives start to sew shirts for them and also for their parents, brothers, husbands or children, with about two weeks in advance.’

Well, I am on my way home from a Real Estate meeting here in the Galleria area Houston Tx, as soon as I get home I will get right on it myself!!!


Discovering Texas Wine at Bernhardt Winery, Plantersville Texas


   Song By TheCantemir

Spring is in the Air … and this beautiful February 2014 afternoon we had a nice family day trip to Plantersville Texas, discovering Texas Wine at Bernhardt Winery.

We’ll definitely be back for more wine tasting … if you enjoy wine pairing, you might want to read my blog post about how to

    “Spice up your Roasted Pork Tenderloin with LAVENDER SEASONING RUB and learn about wine along the way…”


We love Romania

I came across two cool things on the web today…

One, is this video , called ‘we are HAPPY in BUCHAREST Romania’,, that is just so upbeat and makes me want to jump and dance…

Two, is this cool Travel Site that offers tours in many beautiful places, including Romania which is a must see…http://www.perfect-tour.com

Also, while there make sure you stay at The Country Hotel near Brasov in Transylvania, Romania.