Discover Food

Combining ingredients is like combining ideas: You never know when you combine unlikely items and then when you at least expect it you come out with a total new solution leading to a new recipe. Be open minded and encourage creativity… We invite you to start discovering with us today!


Lacrima’s Kitchen is about preparing home made meals with love for our family and friends. Growing up I remember my favorite meals, starting from appetizers, soups, salads to main courses all the way to the desserts… My family cooks eastern European, influenced also by the Ottoman Empire as well as Romans… but we also have been influenced in our cooking by our travels to Germany and the Western world, plus our life in the USA… This blog is mainly to share some of these recipes and experiences , but also a way to discover, research and archive some of family’s recipes.

In Lacrima’s Kitchen, we like to experiment, try out new things, travel with our senses and most of all make sure we have fun by doing so. It is most important to me as a mother , wife and friend to share lots of quality time with the people I love.

Let’s cherish the moments we are together with laughter and stories and create wonderful memories together… and what better place is there than in  our kitchens.

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