Story Behind THE BUG

How we came up with The Discovery Bug…

12 Years later, two entrepreneurs, now a married couple with a wonderful son and a beautiful daughter…wondering if NOW is the perfect time to go online with our idea… I would say, the perfect time is when you are ready and WE are ready!

It all started couple of years ago when I, Lacrima Cosnean, a Romanian born, talked on and on about how I wanted to see the world, how I get positive energy from seeing beautiful places, from breathing fresh air, eating local food and meeting wonderful people along the way and discovering old and new.

Tim, my American husband one day had a great idea one day to purchase a 1960? VW Beatle Bug… he informed me that he wanted to buy it and what I thought of it… I said, no way, but if you absolutely want to, it will have to be a convertible. Well, little did I know that he found one and shortly after it purchased the car. He has childhood memories from riding in the back of a VW bug with his dad in the passenger and sometimes driver’s seat. Tim says, he will never forget that ‘horse hair smell’. It might sound gross to some, but in my mind these are the incredible childhood memories that stay with us for life and are so important.

Do you remember things like the taste of your favorite cookies? or how it felt like to believe so much in someone or something like Santa or the Easter Bunny? Do you have great memories wondering in nature, not having to keep track of time, but letting the sun tell you when it is time to go home for supper?

We might be Romantics or have old souls, but for us, these memories and experiences are important and treasured and we want to share them with our family and friends and discover the Old World Living back again…


We talked about The Discover Bug I had (a bug that would not let me sleep at night and not rest during the day, since I wanted to travel and discover)… Tim found the ‘vehicle for the idea’ … the VW Bug , which helps us get to where we want to go in life.

Now being a mom and parent myself, I truely value the things my parents did for me when I was young so much more and I want to give my son the best of both worlds and much much more.

One of the things that inspired me with The Discovery Bug was the fact that even though we grew up on a more modest lifestyle my mom always made a point on sending us on organized travel trips to see places like France, Italy, Malta, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and my parents effort of making us see Romania as much as possible paid off in the end.

Several seminars on how to put together travel groups later … it is now time to go online…

Now we want to share these memories with you and create new ones at the same time!

Come along for a new journey!

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