Spring begins with our Anniversary Day!


I would like for you to close your eyes, imagine yourself in the place you want to be at the moment and the people you would like to have or attract in your life to be happy.
Visualize you found your partner for life and think about all the wonderful moments you had together and will have for the rest of your life. What a big commitment to be together, to find common grounds, to learn to listen to each other and to make it a priority to be a better person for you and for your partner each day and every day after.

Some days might be tough and some will be the best of your life, together you feel unbeatable and you can’t wait to achieve all the things you have on your dream board. Some happened already and are as beautiful or more beautiful than these flowers I am holding, which I received from my love of my life on our Anniversary Day. This Special Day started off Spring 2014 as one of the best Anniversary years so far.


‘Invest in yourself and invest in your relationships. This will create a ripple effect in the world, that will better each and everyone one of us’. Lacrima


The past couple of weeks have been quite busy and my 365 challenge turned into more of a 358 challenge, with other words I’ve been too busy to blog every day like I was hoping to.

This sketch I came up with tonight reminds me to not take it all too serious and enjoy the journey! I hope you join me!

Love is in the air